• 05 Dec

    How to make malayalam memes or trolls?

    Once we used to laugh at the cartoons that use to come in the newspapers, but now memes take place the same situation. Generally, it is called Trolls in Malayalam context. It has been quite while a trend started in Malayalam Facebook groups and pages like Troll Malayalam, ICU and later with Kidilan Trolls, Outspoken, SCT, Trollokam and many more to mimic social happenings, political, religious and common scenarios to make people laugh and think. Creation of Trolls are not similar to cartoons which are generally created by artists or cartoonists requires artistic skills. But the Trolls are creating by the common people who have some idea about the situation of movies which can connect with their troll ideas. Of course it requires some sort of technology skill but it is not a problem in the present world.

    To create a troll first think about what subject to troll or make your meme. Then connect about which movie situation are suits to the subject. Earlier days trollers has to take screenshots and stich it using the image editors first. Later the trend has been changing, the created plain memes has been shared between trollers. Just go comment “Plain meme please” under the trolls the troller may give you the meme. But there is a limitation there and process to collect this requires a lot of time. Luckily now a days some volunteers started collecting them and sharing it in groups, websites and whatsapp chats. One of the top website in this meme sharing is Memezero which have good number of quality memes. Just go there and search with movie name or the artist you will get the desired meme.

    Once you got the meme just open it in image editors like Photoshop, Phonto or PicsArt and type your content. It is advised provide legible colour which provides greater readability. Normally trollens use yellow in first place and followed by orange, light green and light blue. Then provide an outer border having dark colour preferably black to get more readability. It is optional to give a drop shadow to the text.

    Now your Troll or Meme is ready ;) Oh yes make sure to place the logo of the troll group you going to post. Post it the group with a nice caption.

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